‘We’ll Be Standing Out Right here All Night time’


Fox News host Sean Hannity had a film crew camped outside of Joe Biden’s home for the second night in a row on Wednesday as he called on the Democratic presidential nominee to answer questions from the network.

Appearing next to live footage of Biden’s front lawn, Hannity said the former vice president had been “very quiet” over the past few days, but said his team would be “happy” to hear from him if he was willing to step outside.

The Fox News host also accused Biden of “hiding” after the New York Post ran a story alleging that Hunter Biden had tried to use his father’s status to benefit his business dealings in Ukraine.

Delivering his opening monologue, Hannity said: “Joe you can see right there, the camera’s right there, if you have anything you want to tell America, you’ve been very quiet for the last five days in the middle of an election.

“If you want to make a pitch to voters, if you’re able to answer a couple of questions—not about what your favorite milkshake is—just come outside and we’d be happy to hear from you.”

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden arrives at The Queen theater on October 19, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware. A Fox News crew have staked out his home in the area.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Speaking to Fox News co-host Lawrence Jones as he stood outside the former vice president’s home, Hannity asked if there had been “a lot of activity” going on outside.

After claiming locals had driven past shouting praise for the show, Jones said: “A lot of Fox News supporters out here, and I think just a lot of voters that just want to know where the former vice president is.”

He added that his film crew would be “standing out here all night” if Biden wished to speak with the network.

Hannity began his stakeout of Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware on Tuesday night as he urged the Democratic nominee to “walk outside” his house and answer the Fox News host’s “pressing questions” about his son’s business dealings.

“Joe Biden you have a lot of questions to answer, and it’s time for you to answer them,” Hannity said. “What did you know? When did you know it? Did you take a cut from your son’s seedy, international pay-for-play scheme?”

The Biden campaign has repeatedly denied that the Democratic nominee was involved in any wrongdoing in Ukraine while serving under the Obama administration. The former vice president also called the stories about his son a “smear campaign” late last week.

The New York Post stories published last week suggested that Hunter Biden had sought to use his father’s role as vice president to the benefit of himself and Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian gas company whose board he sat on.

The reports were based on new documents taken from a laptop that purportedly belonged to Hunter before he left it at a computer repair shop. An investigation into the laptop has reportedly been passed on to the FBI.

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