Historic Hearne Depot

hp-sliderHearne’s beautifully restored turn-of-the-century, arrow-shaped depot features antique furnishings and exhibits containing many local history items (including 200+ historic Hearne photos) as well as railroad memorabilia. Several wax figurines commemorate local railroad employees from days gone by. Recently opened and getting rave reviews, this new visitor information center is attracting a wide variety of history buffs and curiosity seekers who wish to see how this venerable old building looks inside.

Bert Wheeler Barrack
1942 US Army Replica housing the Camp Hearne Exhibit & Visitor Center
Camp Hearne – WWII POW Camp

imagesImagine walking on the same ground as WWII German soldiers. That ground is here… in Texas!

Camp Hearne was a World War II Prisoner-of-War Camp located north of Hearne, Texas on Highway 485 West. After the 1942-43 US troop build-up and successes in North Africa and Italy, the ships carrying our soldiers to the European theater returned to the US with a different cargo… Axis’ POWs. Due to its flat terrain, distance from the coastline, railroad access, sparse population and local need for farm laborers, Hearne was chosen to house 4800+ of these prisoners in its POW base camp.

Today’s historic camp site has many building foundations that outline the camp’s original “footprint” as well as remnants of various prisoner-built amenities. An exhibit depicting the daily life of the Camp’s mostly German prisoners may be viewed in a reconstructed US Army barrack at the site – Fairground Road & FM 485. Camp Hearne is a truly unique window into our more recent past. Visit for more information.

Historic Downtown

One of the first Preserve America communities in Texas, downtown Hearne’s nostalgic embellishments are historically accurate renditions to Hearne’s street lights, street signs, and trash cans of yesteryear. The custom-made people’s park benches closely resemble the old park benches that graced the Robertson County Courthouse grounds in Franklin.

Hearne Municipal Airport

With 4,000 feet of lighted improved runway and over-runs that create a total length of 7,200 feet, Hearne’s Municipal Airport was built as an auxiliary landing field for the Cold War’s Bryan Air Force Base. The pilots’ lounge even sports a 1950s look. Many a pilot has learned to fly at the Hearne Airport which is often used recreationally by para-gliders, radio-controlled model airplane pilots, and skydivers.

Have you been to Hearne lately?

In response to the needs of its residents and the ever-increasing numbers of travelers who come through town, Hearne has experienced a see-change in recent years. If you have never been to Hearne or have not stopped in Hearne lately, come visit us! We’re close to Bryan-College Station but not too far!