Marcom notes: Carvertise presents incentives for drivers; Residents for Professional-Enterprise Delaware makes use of cell indicators


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Carvertise, Inc., Wilmington, announced the launch of an incentive program in collaboration with popular automotive specialty shops throughout the United States.

Carvertise pays drivers to place advertising messages on their vehicles.

Specialty shops participating in this program include Jiffy Lube, Pep Boys, and Take 5 Oil Change. As part of this collaboration, Carvertise drivers will receive discount codes and savings opportunities on products and services such as oil changes.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with Jiffy Lube, Pep Boys, and Take 5 Oil Change,” said Mac Macleod, CEO, Carvertise. “We are continuously looking for ways to add value to our rideshare driver’s lives, so the ability to start providing meaningful savings at places where our drivers go will definitely be warmly embraced and used by our thousands of drivers,” Macleod added.

Eric Smith, Carvertise’s director of operations, added, “The stories we heard first hand from our drivers is really what led us to pursue this. Earning side-income is extremely important to them, so if we can also reduce their cost of living, that will have a similar net effect.”

“I’m excited to take advantage of this new program,” said Penny Williams-Ware, a Carvertise driver from Claymont. “Maintaining my vehicle can be pricey at times, but of course, it’s necessary, so any savings is certainly always welcomed and appreciated!”

In addition to specialty auto shops, Carvertise plans to expand its Perks Program by collaborating with other companies.

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Citizens for Pro-Business Delaware rolls out mobile campaign

Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware rolled out a new mobile billboard advertisement in its effort to appoint a Black to head the Court of Chancery.

With Chancery Court Chancellor Andre Bouchard’s retirement effective April 30th, the group has demanded that Gov. John Carney appoint a Black Chancellor.

The group says it mobilized 750 Delaware residents to send emails to Carney.

The $250,000 campaign has used print, radio, and digital advertisements.

Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware was formed during the dispute over the ownership of TransPerfect, a New York-based translation services company.

Bouchard came under fire from TransPerfect 50-50 owner Philip Shawe over Bouchard’s actions related to the sale, even though he prevailed in the case.

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