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‘Choose-your-own-adventure’ stories have been a staple part of our culture since the 80s. If you are aged anywhere between 25-40, there’s an excellent chance you spent time as a child flipping back and forth between pages to try and win the day for your adventurer.

Now, as the lines blur between television, the internet and gaming, a lot of big B2C brands are starting to play with the concept of letting consumers control their virtual world.

With the premiere of Bandersnatch in 2018, Netflix launched one of its most exciting forays into interactive storytelling. Its writer, Charlie Brooker, said that he wasn’t sure whether to classify it as a film or an experience. 

And last year, Tinder announced its own venture with the shooting of Tinder X. While we are still waiting to see the final product, Variety reported that the show will be a six-part user-controlled story, accessible via the Tinder app. 

Other B2C brands going down the interactive route include Fitbit’s Adventures and Porsche’s launch of its electric race car via Twitch. It’s not difficult to see the appeal.

The format changes a brand’s relationship with prospects completely, from talking to an audience to playing with participants. And in today’s advertising landscape of diminishing returns, it generates the kind of engagement that most marketers would be willing to donate an organ to achieve.

But what about B2B? 

According to Demand Gen, 86% of B2B buyers prefer interactive content they can access on-demand, with four out of five spending up to 20 minutes watching video content. However, less than a third of B2B companies are incorporating video messaging into their nurture programmes.

The more you think about that second statistic, the less it makes sense. B2B purchases typically require much higher involvement than B2C. More education, more engagement, more consideration. This aversion to video may come from an assumption that B2B brands can’t tell the same kind of engaging stories as B2C, but this is a mistake.

According to the B2B Institute, the best B2B marketing campaigns rely on emotion just as much as rational argument, requiring a relatively even split between brand campaigns and demand generation. The allure of interactive video is that it presents an opportunity to make both the rational and emotional argument in a single format. 

When nearly nine out of ten buyers are telling you how they want to engage, we really should start listening. So we decided to listen. 

Introducing LinkedIn Ad Vantage: A Day in the Life of a Modern Marketer. This is our own digital video experience, our way of (hopefully) showing that B2B brands can deliver entertaining, engaging stories that your audience will value.

Join us on a B2B interactive adventure

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