Gasoline costs surge over the vacation interval


Gasoline prices surged over the weekend, according to AAA figures.

The price at the pump for regular was $2.32, up about 13 cents in the past week and more than a nickel above the Thanksgiving-eve figure.

AAA earlier reported that thegas price average over Thanksgiving was poised to be the lowest since 2015.

“Typically, cheaper gas prices are an incentive for people to travel during a holiday weekend, but that is just not the case this year,” said Jeanette Casselano, AAA spokesperson. “AAA forecasted a decrease in Thanksgiving travel year-over-year due to increasing Covid-19 positive case numbers, renewed quarantine guidelines, and the latest CDC guidance. All of this has prompted Americans, who had plans to travel, to reconsider spending the holiday at home.”

Gasoline demand remains sluggish, with refineries in the region running well below capacity.

To check out gas prices in your neighborhood, log on to AAA’s Fuel Price Finder (

Gas prices can vary widely. For example, in the Bear-Christiana area, prices ranged from $2 a gallon at Costco and BJ’s membership clubs in New Castle County to $2.40 at a Wawa location on Route 40. Membership clubs charge a $55 to $60 annual fee.

When the gap in gas prices widens, it does not take that long to recoup the membership fee.

Another fuel price resource is GasBuddy, which reported a $1.85 a gallon price at Hartly DE. That price moved up to $2.30 on Sunday.

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