Delmarva Rooster Affiliation model revealed – Delaware State Information


GEORGETOWN — The region’s leading organization representing chicken farmers, chicken companies and allied businesses revealed a new name, logo and brand identity as Delmarva Chicken Association.
“After months of research and planning, we are excited to reveal our new name; Delmarva Chicken Association, and logo,” said Dale Cook, president of the Board of Directors. “Becoming the Delmarva Chicken Association clarifies our pride in who we are, what we raise and produce, and the values we stand for as one of the largest chicken communities in the country.” Previously known as Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc., the organization founded nearly 75 years ago has been focused on updating its brand to better reflect its mission for today’s consumers curious about where their chicken comes from, and to provide a connection to new chicken growers, allied businesses, industry professionals and other key stakeholders.

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