Del. Covid-19 vaccination dashboard: 23,851 doses administered


Delaware is making headway in Covid 19 vaccinations of frontline workers, along with nursing home workers and residents.

Figures from the Delaware vaccination dashboard showed the state approaching 24,000 doses.

Location Total Doses Administered
State of Delaware 23,851

Delaware Division of Public Health officials noted that vaccinations are probably greater than current figures suggest due to lag times in reporting inoculations. Also, some smaller vaccine shipments to other locations may not immediately make their way to the dashboard.

The state has recorded a few days of 2,000 daily vaccinations.

Delaware reported little or no change in the number of Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech doses available. There were earlier indications that the state was holding back doses due to the federal government’s lack of clarity on the size of future shipments.

Hundreds of thousands of doses will be needed for group 1B – essential workers and people over 65. Delaware is currently in phase 1A.

A top public health official in Maine, a state that has been able to administer more doses per 100,000 population than Delaware, said a low volume of doses and a lack of information on future shipments hinder efforts to ramp up vaccinations make plans for the next wave of inoculations difficult.

Location Pfizer/BioNTech Moderna Total Doses
Delaware Total 25,350 28,300 53,650

Reports have indicated that the federal government is holding back second doses of the vaccine, even though Delaware has sufficient cold storage for 300,000 doses.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccination dashboard reported that Delaware received more than 63,000 doses and only 18,400 vaccinations.

President-elect Joe Biden has indicated that more doses should be released. That has led to concerns that some people might not get the second dose in time, should a supply snafu develop.

To access the Delaware dashboard, click here.

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