Coronavirus replace: Constructive take a look at measurement change, locations, faculties and long-term care numbers


Fears that school reopenings would lead to outbreaks of coronavirus have not come to pass in Delaware as more districts moved to a hybrid format.

Private schools, which have gone to largely in-class instruction have seen more than three dozen cases, the majority coming from students.Public schools, which are moving toward a hybrid remote and in-class format saw bulk of cases among staff. Sussex County school districts moved more quickly to in-class instruction.

Here are cases totals between early September and early October.

  • Child care – 15 students and 11 staff
  • Private K-12 – 31 students and 12 staff
  • Public K-12 – 11 students and 43 staff

Testing totals for students and personnel were not reported.

DPH now has two ways to look at test results

The Delaware Division of Public Health discussed its decision to add two measurements of positive tests.

According to DPH, the percentage of people testing positive, and percent of tests that are positive are both helpful in understanding the spread of infection in a community.

“The percentage of persons testing positive indicates one result reported for each individual tested (positive or negative), even if that person is tested more than once with the same result. As a result, it often reflects higher positivity rates,” DPH stated.

According to the division “percent of tests that are positive indicate the total number of specimens tested, including when an individual is tested more than once and reflects higher reported test numbers and lower positivity rates. The metric is used by other states and the federal government and is, therefore, useful to compare Delaware to other jurisdictions.”

Because of the increasing frequency of repeat testing, using person-based percent positives can be misleading on a daily basis, DPH noted.

There is a two-day lag for presenting data related to the percent of tests that are positive to account for the time delay between the date of the test and the date that DPH receives the test result.

DPH is now using both testing measurements on its MyHealthyCommunity dashboard. As of Sunday night, the difference is striking. Based on people testing positive, the rate is 5.5 percent. The percentage of positive tests measurement is far lower at 2.6.

Restaurant visits rank at top of state Covid-19 ranking

Restaurants remain the most visited venue for those who have tested positive for coronavirus, according to the Delaware Division of Public Health’s MyHealthyCommunity dashboard.

Ranking second and third were house parties and gyms, followed by weddings and the beach.

The figures are based on interviews with people testing positive. Not in the mix are retailers that are commonly visited.

DPH emphasizes that the visits do not necessarily mean the virus was contracted in those settings.

Many not as worried about the pandemic tend to resume their old schedules, especially younger people who have been responsible for a growing percentage of positive cases.

However, the division sees the information as useful in assessing risks.

Long-term care outbreaks monitored

The Division of Public Health is still monitoring outbreaks at a trio of long-term care facilities

Facilities where significant ongoing outbreaks are occurring, as of Oct. 8, 2020:

  • Kentmere Rehabilitation and Health Care Center in Wilmington; 53 residents and 37 staff members
  • Cadia Healthcare Silverside in Wilmington; 44 residents and 27 staff members
  • Country Rest Home in Greenwood; 28 residents and 15 staff members

*Staff members may include health care and non-healthcare personnel, such as vendors or other individuals working in the facility who may not be full-time facility employees.

Covid Alert user base grows

Delaware’s Covid Alert mobile device app now has more than 44,600 downloads.

The app features a check-in function that asks the user if he or she is feeling well and offers an exposure alert that can spot whether you are in the presence of someone who has tested positive.

Also included are stats from the Delaware Covid-19 dashboard.

The wellness information could tip off health officials of outbreaks of cold and flu as well as possible Covid-19

The information is confidential and the person testing positive has to turn on the function.

The app uses technology from Google and Apple that is designed to ensure confidentiality.

The technology has also been rolled out in New Jersey and New York and would allow the features to be used in those states.

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