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HURLOCK, Md. — Gov. John Carney joined Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan at a Waddells Corner farm Monday to announce a new grant program to assist contract poultry growers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program “will provide some direct and much-needed assistance for our Maryland farmers and producers,” Gov. Hogan said. The Delaware version of the program, which was developed jointly, will benefit farmers there.

While the cost of doing business continues to rise, Gov. Hogan said, prices farmers receive for their products have been falling during the current economic difficulties.

He added that millions in federal assistance to farms has not been made available by Congress to contract poultry growers, who produce the region’s top commodity.

“Today, I am here to announce that we are immediately launching a new, $10 million state of Maryland relief program, which will provide direct payments to thousands of Maryland farmers, growers and producers who have been hurt by COVID-19,” Gov. Hogan said.

The Maryland Farmer COVID-19 Relief Program will provide $1,000 per chicken house, with a maximum of $5,000 per farm. Farmers can apply immediately at

Across the border, the Delaware Department of Agriculture is administering the program and will be accepting applications until Dec. 1.

Delaware Gov. John Carney, along with Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, announced Monday grant program to help poultry growers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in the two states. (Submitted photo)

Gov. Carney said, “Once and always, agriculture has been Delaware’s No. 1 industry,” noting that family farmers, such as contract poultry growers, are the backbone of the business.

He praised Gov. Hogan and his staff for their cooperation in agricultural and other economic responses during the pandemic.

“This is a program developed jointly by the two governors to help the family farmers,” Gov. Carney said.

The Delaware Contract Poultry Grower Grant Assistant Program will compensate contract poultry growers who:

• Had an active grower contract in force on facilities located in Delaware on March 15, when COVID-19 began impacting the state.

• Have an approved concentrated animal feeding operation permit or have filed a Notice of Intent for CAFO coverage.

• Do not have business interruption coverage for the losses covered by the grant program.

For poultry growers who meet these requirements, the grant program will compensate:

• $1,000 per poultry house, up to a maximum payment of $5,000 per farm, as in Maryland.

• In addition, any grower who meets the above criteria and had to depopulate birds remaining in-house for composting related to COVID-19 will receive another $1,500 per poultry house depopulated without cap.

Applications for the Delaware Contract Poultry Grower Grant Assistant Program are available online at and will be accepted by the Delaware Department of Agriculture until Dec. 1. Applicants must complete a W-9 form online ( prior to receiving payment.

In addition to the governors, local officials were present, as were Delaware Secretary of Agriculture Michael Scuse, Maryland Secretary of Agriculture Joseph Bartenfelder and other members of the agricultural industry.

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