After lagging in early going, Del leads neighbors in vaccinations per 100,000 inhabitants


Delaware health care providers have now administered 64,690 doses of Covid-19 vaccine as the number of doses moved past 96,000. Figures come from the Delaware Division of Public Health’s Vaccination Tracker.

A stepped up effort to vaccinate Delawareans has pushed the First State ahead of neighboring New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania in the the number of vaccinations per 100,000 residents. Delaware had been lagging behind its neighbors in the early going.

The dashboard from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed the state receiving more than 116,000. doses.

Supply remains limited, with about six and a half of the state’s total population getting their first and/or second dose of vaccine. The CDC figures indicate that more than 10,000 residents have received second vaccine doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna vaccines.

Location Total Doses Administered
State of Delaware 64,690

To access the Delaware dashboard, click here.

Long-term care vaccinations are taking place under a separate federal program that uses pharmacists to inoculate residents.

During the past week, Delaware moved to Phase 1B, a group numbering 200,000 that includes a large contingent that includes essential workers and those over the age of 65.

A registration program is now underway. Individuals can also register at the Walgreens website, with other pharmacies expected to join the effort.

Delaware is testing out mass vaccinations through Department of Motor Vehicle locations, with pharmacies also expected to be a key part of the system. Those events require registration. Delays and traffic back-ups were reported at Georgetown and Delaware City DMV sites.

The state is also seeking health care professionals and others to administer the vaccinations and deal with accompanying paperwork. A mass vaccination site at the DMV location requires a staff of 150.

Location Pfizer Moderna Total Doses
Delaware Total 34,125 62,200 96,325

.Delaware remains under pressure to vaccinate more residents, since allocations can be based on the administer doses.

Delaware went further than some states by opening a reservations system for residents of the state over the age of 65. Neighboring Maryland opted for age 75.

Delaware’s vaccine supply seems to be in better shape than New York, which reported it has closed vaccination centers, due to the low supplies.

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