Administration will maintain eye on case knowledge after choosing 30% restaurant capability cap


Gov. John Carney said public health officials will continue to monitor Covid-19 case data after a controversial move to limit capacity in restaurants and bars to 30 percent.

The administration has drawn fire for the decision, which was based on contract tracing information that showed many testing positive had patronized restaurants.

The Delaware Restaurant Association claims the data is flawed and instead believes that smaller get-togethers are responsible for the spread of the virus.

Carney said the administration stopped short of imposing early closings and other measures to avoid “unintended consequences” with early closings leading to more dangerous house parties.

One area of concern has been. a larger number of people seated at tables. The new restrictions call or smaller groups at one table as well as only two people seated next to one another in a bar setting.

The governor would not rule out further restrictions if current measures fail to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Measures could include a ban on indoor dining.

Carney acknowledged that officials continue to attempt to balance business and health considerations.

A full lockdown is a last resort, since supplemental jobless benefits are no longer available, according to Carney. He went on to call for another stimulus measure to aid employees and employers.

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