250-gallon oil spill makes its approach to Broadkill Seaside


The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control reported an estimated 215-gallon oil spill from an unknown source that washed ashore at Broadkill Beach.

DNREC’s Emergency Response Team was working into the evening to survey its impact and plan a cleanup of the spill north of Lewes

The spill spanned three-quarters of a mile of upper Delaware Bay coastline, depositing much of the oil in the sand at Broadkill.

DNREC’s Emergency Response environmental staff gauged the size of the spill after working with Delaware State Police’s Aviation Unit on a reconnaissance flight over the upper Bay.

DNREC will provide samples of the oil to the U.S. Coast Guard Tuesday to be analyzed for a “petroleum fingerprint” that might determine its source, and will work with the Coast Guard’s environmental contractor to clean up the spill.

DNREC noted that, with an outgoing tide this evening, the oil is likely to migrate elsewhere along the Delaware coast tomorrow, and asked that residents of coastal communities contact DNREC’s environmental hotline (800-662-8802) to report oil spotted either on- or offshore.

DNREC Emergency Response surveyed other bay beaches this afternoon after the Broadkill spill was reported, but found no evidence that oil had come ashore elsewhere on Delaware Bay. DNREC will provide updates.

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